Writing Crutches I Can't Live Without

What writer doesn't have some sort of ritual to get into the groove of things? I know, I know. The robot kind. Guess what? We're not talking about robots today. It's all about me answering Paper Hangover's Friday Five.

I'm forgoing the obvious things here like laptop, notes, and manuscript since it's kinda hard to write or revise without these. Instead, I'll drive down to the more specific items. Part habit, part ritual, there are certain things that can never be far from me.
  1. Scented candle. There's something soothing about the flicker of a flame combined with the fragrance of whatever Yankee Candle is sitting on my table/desk/bureau*.
  2. Comfy pants. The looser, the better. It's relaxing not to be confined by buttons and zippers.
  3. Music. Whether it's to set the mood or to filter out the noise of Hubby yelling obscenities at Call of Duty, music always plays a part of my writing and revision process. If it's not playing, you know I'm having severe concentration issues.
  4. Beverage. Diet Coke, iced coffee, water, tea, or Focus Vitamin Water. I need to have one of these with me at all times.
  5. Lap Desk. Lately I've been doing a lot of work on the bed and while my lap is useful, the desk is more stable. Besides, it comes with a super-convenient cup and pen holder. Not to mention a mini-lamp.

What is a must have for you when you're working on a project?

* This is all dependent on where exactly I decide my desk is for the moment. Of course, this is non-applicable when I'm not in the house.
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