Excuses to Toss Aside

I have plenty excuses for things: exercise, legitimate blog posts, laundry. When it comes to writing, I can't think of anything though I'm sure there's something I use.

*racks brain*

*plays Bejeweled*

If I had one excuse it involves cash. Since I'm half of the Gregoire-Poirier super force, all finances are shared. This means that even if I want to take that 10-week course on short story writing, I need to weigh it against things like bills. That's one excuse I'd love to chuck aside, but my other half might get upset.

Thoughts like that are depressing, not to mention it's Friday, so let's lighten it up.
  • Only the classics help you become a better writer. I've thrown this out long ago. You can learn just as much about pacing, conflict, and tension from novels that deal with quivering members and heaving bosoms.
  • Bejeweled helps me brainstorm. No it doesn't, freewriting works better.
  • There's too much TV to watch. There is, but sacrifices must be made. That means Highlander, Renegade, and other questionable TV from the 1990s will be shelved.

But Alicia, you only list 3 things.
Actually, with the paragraph about money, that makes 4. So this will be a Four for Friday.

Enjoy the weekend, Lurkdom. Don't forget to head over to Paper Hangover to join in the fun!

Last.fm hit of the day: Almost Home by Michale Graves