Five Summer Reads, One Contest

I've never been so glad for Friday to come. This weekend promises to be a busy one filled with seeing friends, housework, and revisions on yet another WIP*. Summer makes me more productive, even if I feel like dying while I do it.

Since we had our unofficial kickoff to summer almost two weeks ago, it's time to think about beach reads. You know those light books with no dark themes that you devour while you take in too much sun? The Paper Hangover peeps want to know ALL ABOUT THEM.

Confession: I've only consciously picked books with summer in mind once. That was last year for the week I was at the Cape Cod version of The Real World house. This year I'm planning out the entire summer of reads, but here are my top five in cover form.

That first one, by the way? I'll be giving away later this month. However, I'm also giving something away today.

During NaNoEdMo, one of my writing friends Megan had this awestome-tastic notebook she was sticking her notes in. Instead of a metal spiral, it was plastic. Even her plotcards had them. The paper was designed for notetaking. What was this thing I've been missing?

Image courtesy of Lifehacker
A Circa notebook from Levenger. Levenger is this fancy pants store for the "serious" reader and writer. I went and picked up the starter kit and I fell in love. It's like if a notebook meets a binder without the clunky factor. I shared mine during Weekend of Awesome and the girls got all excited. It was immediately decided I should give one away.

So I am.

To read more about the Circa Notebook, you can go to the Levenger site or read about it at Lifehacker. I'm still working on my Circa for the assassin project, but once it's complete. I'll share it with you all.

To enter the contest, you must be a follower. The contest will be open until June 19th.

Erinn, Kat, Pam and Quita are also doing Weekend of Awesome giveaways. Don't forget to check them out!

But, back to the original topic. I need some more good summer reads. Lurkdom, what do you suggest?

* Not to mention catch up time on the end of Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries.
________ hit of the day: The Damage by Tapping the Vein