Zombie Video Humor for the Tired Soul

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

Oh my... sorry I missed last week, friends. I hope you didn't think my absence was due to being taken up during the Rapture, or getting killed by a bunch of crazy people at the Anime Central Convention. Unfortunately, I was just exhausted from a number of things. And also unfortunately, I'm barely struggling to hang on here. Today marks my ninth day in a row of work without any time off.

Well, at least you have a job, Miranda. Some people aren't so lucky. You're correct. I am fortunate to have a job, for certain. But working almost 80 hours straight with out any days off is bad enough. Working that many days straight where I work and am constantly treated like I am a plebeian by the people of the world, it's rough on the body, mind, and soul. As such, I haven't come up with anything too clever to write about today. However, a good default is... funny videos! And there are always good zombie videos around.

Take this one, for example. I will not hide the fact that I was not a huge fan of President Bush the Second. So, I quite enjoy this little gem (credit goes to Myeverything.com... or something like that.)

I hope everyone else has been having a much more relaxing two weeks than I! I actually have two days off starting tomorrow, so I suspect I will be sleeping. A lot!

Know of any funny zombie videos? Post them in the comments!