More Flying Trapeze!

Hello, friends! Miranda here. I'm hijacking the zombies to share more trapeze with you! But don't worry, the zombies will be back next week. What I want to talk about involves zombies, 2012, fear of death, and survivalism... a little too hefty to get my thoughts together for today.

This week has been a pretty big one for me. I quit my job at the unnamed coffee company (my last day is Sunday), and will soon be working for Apple! This prospect is very exciting for me, as I type this blog on my Apple laptop. Woohoo! Not only did a I secure a new job, quit my old one, but I also went back for another round of Trapeze School.

Like my first class, the second was also amazing. Possibly even better because this time I did not break any more toes (the other one is still healing). I even managed to learn a new trick called "heels off." This trick is where you hang on to the bar with your hands and have your heels hooked over the bar as well. When you do a catch, you release your hands and then heels fly through the air for a bit and then are caught! This move was different from my catches last class because in the knee hang, you stay on the bar the whole time and only release your legs when the catcher grabs you. With my new trick, there is a moment where you are completely airborne!

I don't have video of myself (my flip camera died last Fall), but here is a video from someone doing the same trick. They've even slowed it down to see a bit more clearly what happens. I'm happy to say I was caught both times!

Hopefully I can find away to get video of myself soon! Also, I think I'm going to take another leap and sign up for the "Intensive Flying Workshop," a ten week course where I can really develop my skills and work with the same team of instructors each time. At the end, you also get to put on a show!

Although this next video is a bit cheesy, it shows a bit more of how the school and classes work, in case any of you are interested in trying out this awesome sport!