Flying Trapeze-- Whip Trick!

Hello again, dear readers! Miranda here. I apologize for missing yesterday. As it turns out, when one is used to working second shift (typically a 2-11pm shift), it is a bit disorienting to switch to working from 9am to 6pm. As such, I crashed and crashed hard when I got home last night.

Unfortunately, I also had this entire blog typed out and finished when Blogger decide to go into 'Read Only Mode.' While I thought it had saved everything I had just finished typing, it did not. Once the blackout period was over, I came back to publish and it was all gone. Except for the first paragraph above. GRRRRRR. So, I apologize it is being posted so late.

Today is Wednesday, so normally it would be reserved for the YA Highway post. Unfortunately, the topic for today was specific to writers and at what times of the day do they like to write, etc. Unlike Alicia (and probably a lot of you all), I am not a fiction writer. So I couldn't give any answers. But I encourage you to follow the link above and check out the other answers and add your own!

So, for now, you get more FLYING TRAPEZE! Today I actually have a video *of me* which is exciting. I learned a new trick in my last class-- the whip. We were allowed to try three catch attempts. I was only able to do one catch perfectly, and sadly that wasn't the catch I had filmed! Boo! But, at least you can see exactly what I do and see that I am still learning and not every flight is perfect. And... it is fun to fall in the net! Although, it is more fun to drop gracefully after your catcher releases you.

I also took the leap and signed up for a nine week Intensive Flying Workshop, or IFW as I may also refer to it. I hope I'll have more to share with you as my skills grow and I get better!

Summer is almost to an end-- what are some activities you are looking forward to doing before it's gone?