Livin' for the Apocalypse

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

It's rare that a blog topic will just fall into my lap. But this week it did! While watching some ridiculous show on TLC (most likely "Toddlers & Tiaras"... don't judge), I saw a commercial for a new special called Livin' for the Apocalypse. It was instantly exciting for me because the show illustrates perfectly what I was talking about a few weeks ago-- survivalists!

The show airs this weekend, Sunday, August 28 at 9pm Central time and 10pm for you East Coasters (check your local guide though to be sure). From what I can tell, it is a documentary style show that follows four different families who are all survivalists. They have shelves of canned foods and gas masks (yes, really). They raise rabbits to slaughter and eat for food when the apocalypse hits. And they have guns. Lots of guns.

While the focus isn't on zombies, it still shows the lengths at which people will go to and gives a flavor of truth to zombie survival movies and stories. Unlike other shows about survivalists, apparently the TLC special doesn't interject with experts speaking about how unlikely these events will be or how crazy these people are. The families are the focus and no outside opinions on the matter are given. One man, known as the Survival Doc, made a video describing his experience being filmed and talks about the show. Unfortunately, he is incorrect about several things including the name of the show and that August 28th is in the fall. Other than that, he seems like an entertaining character.

The greatest thing about the "Doc" is that he also has his own survivalist website full of pages and pages of information on how to prepare for the end. In his video, he seems a bit weird, but harmless. However, as I further explored his massive website, it becomes apparent that he is a fairly strict Republican. And he thinks President Obama is Hitler and that our country is becoming a Socialist hell. So... yeah. Check it out!

I will definitely be viewing this special on Sunday night, and I encourage anyone in learning more about survivalism to check it out as well. If you have to miss it this weekend, knowing TLC, they will probably air it multiple times.

What are some of your thoughts on survivalists? Is there some truth to what these people are doing, or do you believe it's overkill? Feel free to discuss after watching the special as well!