Max Brooks Discusses Zombies

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Greetings! And a spooky Thursday to you all! With the summer months still actively heating the world, and fantastic holidays like Halloween seeming so far away, some of our newer readers may be confused about all the zombie and horror posts that appear here each Thursday. To our newest members of the Lurkdom-- welcome! Feel free to check out the "Why Zombies?" tab for more information and join me, Miranda, back here each week.

As I was in Walgreens today to purchase nail polish remover, I was beyond excited to see that candy corn and candy pumpkins have already graced the shelves of impulse items right by the registers! Even though it's summer, fall is right around the corner... which means soon I'll be seeing even more horrific decorations and items in stores. Huzzah! As we gear up for the greatest season of all, especially for us gothic folks, I thought it might be nice for a refresher on our undead friends.

I encourage you to go back and read one of my very first posts on zombies-- all about the power of voodoo! For those who want to see a crash course on the subject, here is an awesome video from (of all places) Animal Planet that features Max Brooks and some legitimate scientists discussing zombies.

EDIT: Even though the embedded video is showing up in my blog preview, when I published it, it doesn't seem to be appearing on the actual page. If you are having trouble seeing the video, go HERE to the Animal Planet website to view there!

What are some activities you are looking forward to doing this autumn?