Monday Shinies

My calendar is telling me it's Monday, but my brain is in disagreement. This has everything to do with the fact that when I left my Camp NaNoWriMo WIP last night, I was in Tuesday. This should tell you how completelyy entrenched I am with my fictional friends and trying to figure out exactly what is up with my protagonist and her male sidekick.

Because of this, it's time for Show and Tell, web badge edition.

The first is the Liebster Award. Christine Murray handed it over almost a month ago. It's for blogs that have under 200 followers. In turn, I'm supposed to hand it out to 5 people, but The Pie likes to break the rules, so I'll hand it off to one.

Glenna at The Blue Lipstick Samurai.

I enjoy lurking around her blog. It's professional, fun, and she has an awesome blog title. You should all follow her.

Today I joined Rachel Harrie's 3rd Platform-Building Campaign. It's designed to help writers connect with each other while cultivating a better platform on the blogosphere. A few people I know have participated previously and had great experiences it with. If you're a writer and a blogger*, you should sign up as well and soon as sign ups closed on August 31.

If you have come from the Platform Campaign, welcome. I'll be popping by shortly.

Tomorrow I hope to go back to some worthwhile blogging, but that will only happen if yours truly can exit her head. Seeing that the majority of today has been spent talking plot for that co-authored project**, those odds are low.

What shinies do you have to share today?

* Which, chances are, you are.
** Which this week is contemporary YA.
______ hit of the day: One in a Million by Trixter