Zombie Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

There's only a week and a half left to get your Christmas shopping done! I've barely started, but hopefully I'll think of some good gifts to buy in the next week. How are you all in the Lurkdom doing on your shopping?

Are you behind on your shopping? Fear not! If you have any zombie lovers in your life, then I have the perfect gift guide for you!

This is a great stocking stuffer! Made by some lovely people on CafePress, this (faux) hunting license gives authority to your little zombie killers to go out and take down some undead walkers. The permit is actually printed on a 3x5 vinyl sticker, so it is perfect for applying on your car, notebook, or anywhere else you might want this little guy. The permit costs $5.

Munchkin is the perfect card set for the gamer in your life. It is so much fun on its own that the only way it could possibly be better is if they were to make a zombie version... and they did! In the normal Munchkin set, players chose from a variety of characters and battle monsters, steal treasure, and backstab your friends. In the zombie version, players take control of the undead and the 'monsters' you battle are living people! Munchkin can seem a bit complicated at first, but after a round or two of gameplay, the rules start to make sense and hours of fun will be had. Some of the artwork and jokes can be for a slightly older crowd, so I would rate any Munchkin set as a PG-13 (maybe PG).

Everyone needs a calendar to ring in the New Year, and what a better way than to celebrate each month with the living dead? There are a lot of zombie calendars out there for sale, but I particularly like this one because the artwork is done by a man named William Stout who was the production designer on the cult classic zombie film, Return of the Living Dead. Each month has a themed zombie such as Undead Father Time for January or the Zombie Easter Bunny. The calendar also offers fun facts and history about zombies.

Not only is the Think Geek website a great resource for any 'nerd' or gamer in your life, but they also have an amazing array of zombie products. A search for "zombies" brings up a lot of great stuff. This year some of my favorites are the Brain Mold Ice Cube Trays (perfect for a zombie themed party), the book So Now You're a Zombie: a Handbook for the Newly Undead (reminiscent of the handbook in Beetlejuice), and zombie wrapping paper (so you can appropriately wrap all your zombie gifts)! Check it out and see all 88 zombie products!

What gifts are you excited to get this year? What have been some of your favorite zombie or horror themed presents? Share in the comments!