Face Off-- Part Two

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

Hello, Lurkdom! Sorry for missing last Thursday. Like most people who work "retail" jobs, I have found that my hours have been cut as we enter the post "black" sales season. January and February are very slow and retailers don't need as many people working as many hours. To compensate, I have been working and taking any shift I can get, including giving up my days off. So, last Thursday I picked up a last minute, nine hour shift. Oy!

Today's post isn't particularly about zombies, but it is somewhat zombie related and something I've talked about in the past. The television show Face Off is back on the air for season two! While I was pretty disappointed with season one's finale and the winner the judges chose, I decided to give the second season a shot. Last night was the third episode of the second season, and I highly encourage you to tune in.

Although they haven't specifically done a zombie challenge (but don't worry, they completely will this season... they're already recycling last year's challenge-- for example, next week they are bringing back the "create a horror movie monster" challenge!), now is a good time for you to tune in. A couple of the smaller "Foundation Challenges," challenges in which the contestants aren't eliminated, but win things like immunity, have featured zombies. The contestants are allowed to do whatever they want in these challenges, and of course many of them have already chosen to do some sort of zombie character. Last night, a team of three had to do a makeup relay race of sorts and decided to make a zombie. Their zombie was kind of... odd. I did not really approve. Unfortunately, I cannot find a finished photo, but did find one mid-creation.

Anyway, I highly recommend tuning in to the Syfy network on Wednesday nights and check out the show! Just like last year, to me it is obvious that the producers have a huge hand in who stays and who goes to create more drama and tension on the show. That being said, though, I still really enjoy the things they create, and I think you will too!

For those of you who do watch, who are your favorites and least favorites? Have you agreed with the "judges'" decisions?