Best Donut Ever?

Living in the Dunkin Donuts capitol of the world, it's hard not to know about National Donut Day. I mean, hell, you get a free donut if you buy a drink at Dunkin's today. While this is fantastic (because of the word free), it could be so much better.
National Donut Day Breakfast of Chanmps

Why would you say that? You just got a free donut.
I know, but I'm a bit of a donut snob. Since they're totally bad for you, they have to be worth it: cakey, a little bit of crisp, and totally filling. I'm sorry, Dunkin's, but while I would marry your iced coffee, I would only casually date your donuts.

So in honor of today's "holiday," I want to let you know of the best donut places in the area. You know, in case you decide to visit me at some point.

Ohlin's Bakery. Located in Belmont, they probably have the best donut selection. They have all the best flavors (powdered, butternut, CHOCOLATE) and are one and a half times the size of your average store brand donut. (That they also rock the cakes and cupcakes is something that can't be overlooked either.)

Linda's Donuts. Also located in Belmont, their donuts are similar to Ohlin's in the cakey department. Rumor has it that the regulars and staff are awesome, but I've never been inside the place.

Dunkin Donuts. I know, I know. I just slammed them on the donut front, but how can you say no to Munchkins? Oddly, I love the plain ones the best.

You like plain donuts? Are you kidding?
I do harbor a strange love for the plain donut, especially if it's a wicked good cakey one. Though my favorite donut of all time is cinnamon powdered donuts. I don't have them often because they make such a mess. One time, the powder ended up in my hair even. 

Now it's your turn: Where do you go for your donut fix? What's your favorite type?