Back in the Saddle

When I was still tied to my Aerosmith fan contract, whenever I or one of my Aero-related friends would return from a forum hiatus, the requisite announcement was to create a thread entitled, "I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!" because of the 1976 song, Back in the Saddle. It's no surprise that my return to blogland begins with a hat tip to this.

OMG, I missed you so hard! Where have you been!?
In short, Facebook.

A lot of crap personal stuff attacked me from 2011 until very recently, which made blogging and tweeting very difficult as everything got worse. I had no energy to be entertaining. I couldn't muster any creativity. It blew harder than Hurricane Katrina.

However! I'm over the hump of my pity party, and pushing my back to you. For real this time.

Thank god. The internet hasn't been the same without your special mix of sarcasm and cat obsession.
I know. Fortunately, my sarcasm is more, um, sarcastic and my cat obsession hasn't waned. (It hasn't grown either. Be grateful for that.)  Over the next few weeks, I hope to bring that and more back to you. If you have a burning question or topic you'd like me to cover, you know what to do.

In the meantime, here's a video of Aerosmith playing BITS. Because, let's face it, I still have a piece of my fan contract.

I've missed you, Lurkdom. I'm happy to be back.