Presenting the 2014 Quarterly Writing Life Game Plan

Oddly, I'm still on that "new year" kick. This baffles, so let's chalk it up to the clutch of bad years circa 2011 - 2013 and push on.

Good? Good.

Another big thing for me this year has to do with writing*. My goal for 2014 is to get to the next level in my writing career. I've spun my wheels for too long, not to mention The Timeframe That Must Not Be Named sucked out my soul, so now it's like do or die while I catch up from two years of my creative life.

Alicia, stop bitching willya?

Not bitching exactly, but more like explaining myself. Because when everything else has gone belly up, it is really a challenge to continue fighting that one more thing. So, this shiny goal begs the question how do you get your writing career to the next level?

The answer: persistence. And a game plan.

This sounds pretty simple, but then again the best plans should be so you're guaranteed to stick with them. As long as you have something mapped out and stick with it, you really can't lose.

And my personal game plan is busy. Granted, it's only planned through March, but baby steps are still steps**.  I think these steps will help keep my creative life fresh and active, while pushing me forward to that publication goal. It's also in a manageable chunk that allows enough room to reassess and plan for April-June.


  • Continue querying PHOENIX RISING


  • Continue querying PHOENIX RISING
  • Complete SCENES FROM LAST NIGHT revision and send out for beta feedback
  • Research stuff for ASSASSIN PROJECT


  • Continue querying PHOENIX RISING
  • Synthesize beta feedback for SCENES FROM LAST NIGHT and revise as needed

So this is the first quarter game plan to take my writing life to the next level. I'm telling everyone the plan to keep myself honest. Yes, Lurkdom, I'm asking you to keep me honest. Feel free to ask me anytime to make sure I'm not slacking. We all know how much I love Bejeweled.

Have you been struggling with a similar issue lately? How have you managed it?

* You're shocked. I know.
** Remind me of this later when I grumble about futility.