Ready. Set. WRITE! Week 4

Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer accountability series that is hosted by Jaime MorrowKaty UppermanAlison MilerErin Funk, and Elodie Nowodazkij. We set goals for the summer and check in weekly.

I must say that without this weekly accountability thing, I would not be as productive as I have been. So thank you, ladies. Honestly. You're making sure I kick myself in overdrive every week.

Still, I'm shocked it's already the Week 4 check in. Shocked, I say.

How I Did Last Week

  • Send out at least 3 queries. (Honest.) Overachieved. I queried SIX.
  • Do some work on the SNI: either research setting possibilities or another chapter of PLANNING YOUR NOVEL. Overachieved. I'm 99% sure that The SNI will be set on the Oregon Coast and I worked 1/4 of the way through the next chapter of PLANNING YOUR NOVEL, which is Workshop 5.
  • Update master Scrivener template to include some more worldbuilding and character exercises. Done.

My Goal(s) For This Week

  • Send out at least 5 more queries.
  • Work my way through Workshops 5 and 6 of PLANNING YOUR NOVEL.
  • Outline major plot points for PHOENIX RISING's sequel.
  • Read.
  • Get in at least 15 minutes of exercise daily.

One Word/Phrase That Sums Up What I Wrote/Revised

I didn't write or revise anything this week due to what last weeks' goals were.

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

Getting out of my own way. Because of day job stress, I'm spending an unhealthy amount of time playing Candy Crush or Bejeweled. This time would be better spent reading or exercising or working on one of the 4 major projects I've decided to work on this summer. But for some reason it takes a major effort to push past the crap of my day job most days.

Something I Love About My WIP

Since last week was all about The SNI, I love how much work Future Alicia will be stuck with. Currently, The SNI is heavy in Japanese folklore--something I know nothing about--so there will be tons of research to do before and after November. Future Alicia is going to hate Past Alicia so much.

I hope everyone has a super awesome productive week.