Accountability Monday.

To keep myself on task with everything I have to do outside of my day job, I've started Accountability Monday where I'll share my successes and failures from the past week and my goals for the upcoming one. If you too need something to keep yourself honest, feel free to join in.

How I Did Last Week

  • Write between 10,000 and 14,000 words this week. Nailed it. 19K written this week.
  • Write the Week 3 Pep Talk for NaNoBoston, the Boston region for NaNoWriMo  Done!
  • Continue to wake up at 4 and out the door by 5.30 the latest. Meh... a little dicey there.
  • Continue taking the stairs at the day job. Yep. I'm surprised I haven't died from all the stairs yet.

My Goals for This Week

  • Write about 10K more on The SNI.
  • Leave the house by 5.30 during the week.
  • Continue to take the stairs at work.

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

The day job. There, I said it.

Something I Love About My WIP

That I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. My world building is not developed so I'm learning stuff all the time. I'm pretty sure I'll hate myself come revision time, but for now I'm good.


Random Factoid of the Week

Not really a fact, but more of an observation. People are immune to the sound of a fire alarm. Sunday I was having a pre-write in burger at Tasty Burger when the fire alarm went off in the restaurant. No one moved. There wasn't a fire thank goodness, but still no one cared that there was strobe lights and loud blaring klaxon-esque horns.

How's your fall going? Getting lots of stuff done? Share below and then stop by Pam and Quita's blog!