Accountability Monday

If you live in the Northeast, congratulations on surviving the coldest weekend we've had in a long, long time. According to one report, Boston had the coldest Valentine's Day since the 50s. But! Despite the arctic temperatures there's minimal snow, so I'm pretty happy. Especially since the day job changed their snow day policy to read as "we don't do snow days," the lack of snow is a blessing.

Winter though has done a number on me. I can't get enough sleep. This makes doing things like anything outside of the 9-5 super hard. Unless you count re-binge watching Veronica Mars that is.

How I Did Last Week

Well, last week I had no goals because I forgot to do that. But I can tell you I did nothing. 

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

Exhaustion. There are no words for how tired I've been. This weekend alone I slept 21 of 48 hours. That's almost an entire day of sleeping.

My Goals For This Week

  • Bite the bullet and start the really hard revisions. No more procrastinating! 
  • Send out those mass emails for my role as A/V Coordinator for NESCBWI 16.
  • Continue with the 30 day plank challenge. 
  • Stretch goal: Maybe come up with a better blog layout. Maybe.