Introducing Music Month

Image courtesy of cause=time.
It's Music Month over on Erinn's blog and because I'm SUCH a follower, I'm doing the same here only a week delayed.

What is it?
There's tons of albums and music DVDs coming out this month that have to be heard. That's Erinn's reason anyway. For me, let's just say my biggest musical purchase of the year already happened and I'm celebrating it by giving away mix tapes.

Is it really a tape?
No. "Mix tape" just sounds much cooler than "mix CD."

Fine. What's on this tape?
Don't know. I haven't made it yet, but don't worry it won't be chockful of black metal or goth music. I do listen to other things, believe it or not. One thing I do know is that it's going to be full of awesome.

Right. How do I enter?
Read and comment. That means you, Lurkdom. The best comment of the week will win. Everyone's welcome to join in. You can comment on both old and new posts. I consider a week to be Monday - Sunday.

There will be a bonus prize for whoever closes out the choose your own adventure story. Poor Sidney.

So what are you waiting for? Go!

_____ hit of the day: Just Dig It by The Texas Drag Queen Massacre