Calling on Those That Write

Everyone who has a brain is serious about writing knows that you don't just vomit out a story and BOOM! you get published. Writing is the easy part. The hard part comes after.

What in the blue hell are you talking about?
Editing. Revising. SELLING YOUR SOUL*.

Though there are many ways to go about it, editing and revision are necessary evils if you want your novel to work. Somewhere in the first draft process, you probably have some android doing the macarena in a comma happy sentence. No matter how clever you think this was. It's not.

Fortunately for you, NaNoEdMo is here to help. Just like NaNoWriMo dedicates a month to the art of first draftdom, EdMo gives you a full month of editing joy**.

What do you mean by "editing"?
Technically, this is all grammar and spelling stuff. For some reason, I can never do editing by itself and revision comes into play.

And revision is...
When you take your story and change pieces of it. There's more technical stuff involved, but I know not everyone in the Lurkdom writes or cares.

Why should I join NaNoEdMo?
If you write, you need to edit at some point. All you need to "win" is 50 hours under your belt. You can edit anything as long as it's yours. So if you have multiple projects, you can edit all of them.

If you plan on editing in March, let me know. And if you want editing tips throughout the month, DEFINITELY let me know.

Also! Don't forget to enter our race to 150 contest!

* Here at The Pie, we do not endorse dealings with the devil. We know what happens to people that do. In case you don't, we recommend checking out the stories of Dr. Faustus, Johnny of Georgia, and Billy Markham.
** While some people truly do get joy out of editing, yours truly is not one of them.
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