We're Not Worthy!

We're stylin' now!
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Now that our own shameless pimping is out of the way...

So Kate, Perri, Kris, Pam, and Quita thought The Pie was award-worthy. We're a quiet bunch over here, humble, even*. So when someone gives us an award, it's like when Wayne and Garth met Alice Cooper.

Anyway. Like with all meme-awards, there are rules:
  1. Acknowledge and link back to who gave you the award.
  2. List 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award to 10 other bloggers
7 things about Alicia
  1. My imaginary friend as a child was a giraffe.
  2. My first apartment was a glorified attic.**
  3. My first car - The Ghettomobile - was the super hero of cars.
  4. I snicker way too much when I listen to death metal.
  5. Alicia + celebrities = social disasters
  6. I went to my first wake when I was 4***. 
  7. I've contemplated training the cats to do housework more than once. That this would take longer than actually doing the housework hasn't escaped my notice.

7 things about Miranda
  1. I don't really like zombies, I just pretend to.
  2. I lie a lot, as in the above statement.
  3. I have six piercings.
  4. I drink, on average, four cans of Coke per day.
  5. Every Sunday, I watch the 'Predator Raw' marathon on msnbc.
  6. When I was 16, Alicia's dad warned her that I might be a serial killer when we met "in real life" for the first time.
  7. It turns out, he was correct (but I didn't actually kill Alicia... yet...).

Even though we're humble, we here at The Pie are also rule-benders. I, for instance, eat dessert before dinner more times than is allowed. That being the case, we won't be dishing this out to 10 bloggers, but we will share.

Richard Diaz
Leah Miller
Windy Aphayrath
Lisa @ The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

* Yep, that was my attempt at a "humble pie" joke.
** Or 5. Not sure what this says about me...
*** A fact that Miranda and bestie Lisa didn't realize when they came for a visit and ended up walking into my downstairs neighbor's apartment while he was showering. (I still giggle at that.) Note from Miranda-- Oh my... he should have locked his door.

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