Before We Kick It

First off, thanks to Mo for hosting this blogfest. As it's still March 11th over here, we're not late. (PS: If you're new, you should enter our contest.)

The "Bucket List" blogfest is all about things you want to do before you die. Things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

Things Miranda Wants to do Before She Dies

Unfortunately, the past few weeks have been very bad for me. I feel like any list I write is going to sound incredibly emo and depressing, so I'll make my list very brief and tame.

1. Travel to Europe
2. Travel to Asia, specifically Japan
3. Feed the rhinos at the San Diego Zoo
4. See a real flesh eating zombie

That's really it. I'm kind of a boring person!

Things Alicia Wants to do Before She Dies

1. Have a book published the traditional way*.
2. Go to Egypt.
3. Go back to England.
4. Teach the cats how to do housework.
5. Really win the lottery.

That's it, kids. Sorry for the lateness and the non-wittiness of today's entry, but like Miranda, I'm just not feeling it today.

What thing would you like to do before you die?

* For those not in the know, that means through an actual publishing house and not self-publishing.