Need Query Letter Help?

In case you were wondering about Friday's post, the aliens versus paratroopers never happened*. My high school didn't excel in the "kick ass pranks" department. As it was, my graduating class thought parking someone's Jeep Cherokee on the walkway to the front of the school was clever**.

But it's a new week and that means back to business. Since the 99th Page Blogfest was such a hit, Erinn, Holly, Pam, Quita, and I are joining forces again this time to bring you the query letter blogfest.

Oh god, WHY?
Because we like each other and query letters (like cover letters) are spawns of the devil***. Oh and, it's like the most important marketing tool in your writer arsenal. First impressions mean something for a reason.

Fine. What do I have to do?
You can sign up at the bottom of this post. Once the day comes, there are only two rules: post your query letter and visit at least 5 other bloggers and critique their queries.

This isn't for the faint of heart. The only way we can get better is if we get feedback.

Uh... I just finished my first novel and have NO CLUE what to do.
No problem. Check out some articles:

And since I like working in threes, I'll stop there. But seriously, there are tons of places online that explain how to write a query letter. (You can also check out Query Shark, which I definitely suggest.)

And if you're new to the blog, please become a follower and enter the Race to 150 contest!

*Though it would've been ten thousand kinds of awesome if it did.
** To be fair, they also surrounded the car with traffic cones.
*** Disclaimer: The Pie's views on query letters do not represent all parties involved. As you know, The Pie has a mind of it's own.

____ hit of the day: Dead to Me by The Dreaming