Cliches Are Awesome

It's Friday and in under six hours I'll be having a fantastic long weekend. Until then, you're stuck with me and my five favorite cliches.
When the general public thinks cliche, chances are they'll think a catch phrase. When I think cliche, I think things in writing. Let's count them down:

  • The dumb blonde and dumb jock. Even though they're fun to write, it's a challenge to see how far you can go with the stereotype before busting up in laughter.
  • There can be only one. Chosen one, that is. It's a convenient plot device and shows up in almost every book that has a fantastical element to it. Roland's the gunslinger. Anita has all the power. Buffy is the chosen one.
  • The love triangle. As long as it doesn't involve a questionably sparkling bloodsucker, a werewolf, and a dipshit, the love triangle is awesome. If done properly we can see multiple sides of the person stuck in the middle to help solidify which "team" you're on. However, please don't include a triangle just for the sake of triangles. There should be a reason.
But my all-time favorite cliche?
  • The bad boy. By far, the best one ever. I've blogged about it once already, but it bears repeating: I love me a bad boy. That this cliche ties into my love of sleaze rock is not a shock either, because most guys who play sleaze rock look like the bad boy. Prime example: Motley Crue. 

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______ hit of the day: Winds of Change by Cinderella (another sleaze rock band)