Now I'm Feeling Linkified*

The Pie got another award**. This is pretty exciting. When we get an award, it's not only a prize for the blog, but a prize for the blogger. And by prize I totally mean built in blog post.

Kelley at Writtled shared the 7x7 Link Award with the Pie. She's a fellow campaigner where I've been lurking lately***. I like her blog style and reviews so if you're looking for an additional place to lurk, definitely check her out.

The deal with the award is to share 7 past blog articles that fit the superlative given. Then you're supposed to go and read those posts. I'm also to share the award with 7 other people.

(Yep, I totally LOVED chain letters as a kid.)

Without any more delay, I present you with my 7 blog posts!

Most Beautiful: This is hard because I don't write in flowery, pretty prose. I do, however, like to share videos. This one is of an empty beach. Listen to the waves and feel the peace.
Most Helpful: This has got to be a toss up between my task-setting for writers series and the eater's guide to NaNoWriMo****.
Most Popular: The actually most popular post is also the most controversial. So here I'll take the 2nd runner up. Miranda shares several pictures of Hello Kitty in Zombie form in Hello Zombie?
Most Controversial: I'm going to go with Miranda's presentation of Haeckel's Tale. This post drives the most traffic to The Pie and this alone disturbs me. That means people Google things like "zombie sex." Repeatedly. NOTE:  This post contains themes that may be offensive and are not necessarily geared to the 18 and under crowd.
Most Surprisingly Successful: The post on storyboarding and The Room has gotten a lot of hits, many more than I suspected.
Most Underrated: I really hoped my musings on the black band shirt would've sparked some sort of dialogue in the comments, but it didn't.
Most Prideworthy: From Idea to Draft as Described by a White Cat has got to be the one I'm most proud of recently. If you've lurked for a while, you know how much I love The White One and how many pictures I take of him. Even with that, it's still hard to match stage with picture.

Those are the 7 I picked today. As always, the thoughts and opinions of The Pie are subject to change at any time.

Since we're all about platform building right now, I'm passing along the award to 7 other campaigners:
Alison Miller (who also launched a fabulous YA group blog, YA Confidential)
Steph Schmidt
Christine Murray
Shelley Koon
Cally Jackson
Jessica Love*****
Katy Upperman

* If you don't get the reference, please check out this video by Alien Sex Fiend. (Yep, my music is far removed from Top 40.)
** Read: meme.
*** Please note that I lurk a lot.
**** Which is coming upon us hard and fast.
***** Apologies for the misname of Jennifer on 9/20. It's not even like S and N are near each other on the keyboard.
______ hit of the day: Angel by Massive Attack