Where I Will Write

Thanks to all in The Lurkdom who said happy anniversary to Hubby and I. We had a great day filled with waffles, fish, hipsters, and Marty McFly. Even with that, the long weekend wasn't long enough and we're now in another race to Friday. Work is kicking my ass this week with meetings on top of meetings, so today will be short and visual.

When I talked about the Great Book Reorg of 2011, several of you commented on my writing area. I didn't have the heart to tell you then that the "home office" area looked like a bomb zone. There was no room for the office chair, laptop, or myself.

Since then, Hubby has been uber-industrious*. He's tidied up our office space, streamlined our DVDs, and created more space in our living room**! This is awesome because NaNoWriMo is hot on my heels and I need more spaces to commute and write.

Here's the revised desk area. I've done some extra tinkering around the area which means I've deep-sixed the monitor and gave myself more space on the desk portion. I'm hoping we can do a bit more with it before November 1st.

All the books on the left are writing-related and the books to the right are the ones we have yet to read. I'm open suggestions to reading faster.

Hubby also moved all of the totes so now we can access the couch that's in there. Or, the cat can access the couch that's in there. Because she doesn't have enough places to lounge and show off her superior sleeping skills. Any seat with a cushion she automatically claims as her own, so of course the couch is NOTHING DIFFERENT.

(When Hubby took these pictures to show me, he didn't realize that The Stripey One had photobombed the shot.)

I have to admit, I'm loving Industrious Hubby and I'm loving the new organization of our workspace. I fully attend to use it to my advantage over the winter months, even if I have to drape a tapestry over the entryway to block out the lure of the television.

Lurkdom, where do you do most of your work? Or, if you're like me, where do you plan to do future work?

* Which is a more awesome use of his time then tempting me with homemade cupcakes. (Note: this happened several times in May.)
** This is partially due to the fact our gigantic picture tube died a sad death a week and half ago.

Last.fm hit of the day: Haxprocess by Opeth