Nomad in the Apartment

On a previous Friday Fives, I shared my favorite writing locations. These still hold true, but sometimes I need a change of scenery within a location, especially when I’m at the apartment. I have different places to work when I’m working on different things.

1. My desk has been a good place as of late. I work here when my focus is really awesome and I’m not under some self-imposed time crunch. Since the desk is right next to the living room, this means Hubby is usually nearby. So if I need his input this is awesome.

2. The kitchen table works out well when I’m revising and creating charts of large sheets of paper. Or working with shrunken manuscripts. Or spreading out a lot. Basically I use this area when I need a large workspace.

3. The couch is generally reserved for emails, blogging, and readthrus; that don’t require a whole lot of attention. If I’m here, it means I’m also watching TV. If I’m doing this, it’s okay to interrupt my process (most of the time).

4. My bed. The bed ends up being the place where I do all of my first drafts. It’s comfy and far enough away from the living room that I don’t get distracted by Hubby. The cats usually come up and cuddle too, which is an added bonus. I will also do a lot of blogging from here, like right now.

5. The front porch. This only works in the summer and when it’s not cluttered, but my enclosed front porch is a great place to work.