Squirrel Appreciation Day

It was brought to my attention that tomorrow is Squirrel Appreciation Day. I have mixed feelings about this, as I sort of fear a squirrel uprising where they will overtake the world. Yes, this is irrational, but I've seen the Eastern Gray Squirrel in action and it's not pretty.

Reasons Squirrels Will Overtake The World
1. They're small enough that they can sneak into places and nibble on important wires.
2. They have aggressive tendencies, especially when it comes to feeding, that would help push squirrel power to the fore.

3. I believe that Harvard is doing experiments on them.
4. They're nests are indestructible.
5. They work in packs. And just like a sea of rats, there is no doubt that these little critters will. fuck. you. up.