Pop Music Shame

For some half-cracked reason that I yet to understand, I joined a book club that focuses on reading music-related nonfiction. The book club started up this month by reading Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life by Steve Almond, which I talked about here and then fangirled some more here.

It's a great way to kick off a book club devoted only to music, since Steve Almond gives clear examples of what he calls "drooling fanaticism" -- that thing we do when our music tastes must become everyone else's, or when we want to become BFFs with the musician in THAT band because the music is OMG SOOOOO AWESOME!!, or when we love an album so much we spoon it in bed*. I married a DF, I'm a quasi-DF, I know a few others, so this book hits a lot of points, even though I don't know more than half of the musicians mentioned.

Alicia, what the hell are you getting at?
Well, with the book club, there's a website and blog. Over the weekend, they asked the following question:


It took me a while to answer this because of how deep my denial was. The guilty pleasure has to be something that you're reluctant to admit to. It's that thing you get all excited about even though you know you shouldn't.

For me, it's Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone."**

The tune is infectious. The morning news program I listened to for a while played it way too much and the lyrics stuck with me. I hadn't felt this good from an angry girl song since Alanis Morrisette***. Hours after hearing it, the song would still be in my head.

Even now, I'm singing it in my head though thrash metal thumps through my headphones and I feel a wave of shame about to consume me.

Lurkdom, confess! What music is your guilty pleasure?

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* I'm guilty of at least one of these things.
** Admitting that just lost me about a bazillion metalhead points.
*** Jagged Little Pill is another guilty pleasure.
**** I'm still in shock that I gave the blog a nickname.

Last.fm hit of the day: Can't Happen Here by Stabbing Westward