Inspire Me

YA Highway asked this question a few weeks ago. Then I shared pictures of the day job's complex, which is the setting for the assassin project. Since I did that already, I didn't want to cheat. So today's post is going to be split into two parts: pictures that I'd like to write something about and pictures of people who inspire me.

What I'd Like to Write About

A few years ago, I went to the MFA for my birthday. In the Roman section, I saw this earring.

Look at the detail of this thing. I think something like this would make a great piece in a cat burglar story or something like that.
This was the view from our cabin when Hubs and I honeymooned to the Caribbean. This was about 6 AM as we came into St. Thomas.

I'd love to have a story set somewhere like this. (Side note: This was the best vacation ever. I've never been so stress-free in my life.)

Those Who Inspire Me to Continue On

My parents. I've mentioned before how I draw a lot of character traits from my extended family, but my parents have always been a fountain of support. My mother was the one who got me sucked into reading, not to mention that she's always asking questions about my work and how everything goes down. My father is just awesome. I mean, look at the expression he has on*!

While they don't inspire me per se, the Stripey and White Ones have been around for most of my writing journey. While The White One likes to hinder my process, Stripey will sit while I work. It's like they know where the kibble train comes from.
This wouldn't be a post about inspiration if I didn't include Hubby. As another creative person, he gets my writer angst. He knows how to deepen certain elements of a story and is great when it comes to brainstorming. Not to mention he's an awesome titler.

The best reason for him being on my inspirational list is that he believes in me, which in turn, strengthens my belief in myself. It's one of the many reasons why I love him.

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* I might as well mention that The Lou always has this expression on his face when it comes to take a picture.
____________ hit of the day: Earn the Crown by Backyard Babies